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Natural Product Names that BEGIN with "chocolate":
Chocolate (COCOA)
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 Natural Medicines Comprehensive DatabaseView 1027 Products Containing: Chocolate (COCOA)
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Chocolate Root (WATER AVENS)
Chocolate Tips (DESERT PARSLEY)

Chocolate B12 Plus by Bee-Alive Inc. See Ingredients
Chocolate Calcium Softchew by BestSweet Inc See Ingredients
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Chocolate (COCOA)
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Chocolate Root (WATER AVENS)
Chocolate Tips (DESERT PARSLEY)
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Chocolate (COCOA)
Chocolate Root (WATER AVENS)
Chocolate Tips (DESERT PARSLEY)
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Chocolate (COCOA) has an effectiveness rating for 12 conditions
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See effectiveness of Chocolate Tips (DESERT PARSLEY)
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